Music Lessons For Children In Gloucester

Bantang Music supports music education in Gloucestershire and the South West. We can bring our wealth of experience in African drumming and knowledge of African culture to your school.

Creative Activities For Primary Schools And Secondary Schools

Bantang Music supports music education in Gloucestershire and the South West. We can bring our wealth of experience in African drumming and knowledge of African culture to your school.

We want to offer young people a route into music. Learning a musical instrument boosts self-esteem, improves memory and develops creativity.

We provide whole class drum lessons with up to 35 African drums, whole school music workshops and on-going school enrichment programmes.

Music For Assemblies, Fetes Or Carnivals

We provide schools workshops for enrichment activities, performances at school fetes or assemblies with whole school participation.

African drumming is accessible and also challenging. It is a highly rewarding experience. By the end of a school workshop, everyone will be singing and moving to the beat.

Following a 4-8 week course at your school, your pupils’ new drumming skills can be showcased in assemblies and parents’ evenings.

Workshops are differentiated for your school and matched to National Curriculum objectives

Bantang Music works closely with you to tailor our workshops to your event. We design the sessions carefully to help teachers meet the “play and perform in ensemble contexts” requirement of the National Curriculum programmes of study.

Bantang Music will get your whole school using their voices with expression. Our drumming workshops teach your pupils to play African musical instruments with control.

By the end of a drumming workshop, your pupils will have worked on concentration and coordination skills through call and response, ensemble playing, musical technique, singing and movement. We aim to improve their confidence through enjoyment and achievement of new skills.

On-going school projects for raising aspirations through music education

It is Bantang Music’s aim to inspire young people with the unique message of African music: self-empowerment, cooperation and respect for the natural world and our community. African drumming in a group can also develop social skills, confidence and raise aspirations.

We want to bring the joy of African music to your school, offering diversity and cultural exchange through engaging workshops and education projects.

We will broaden your pupils’ horizons by exploring how African culture can enhance our lives and can adapt our music days or on-going projects to complement your school’s cultural or creative learning schemes.

What does a Bantang Music day look like?

Our drumming days can begin with a short performance for a whole school assembly. This includes musical demonstrations on African drums and other African musical instruments, singing and an insight into African culture and the role of the instruments in traditional African society. We will also teach some African greetings in Malinke language.

The rest of the day will be worked out with you, but usually includes a series of 45 minute to 1 hour drumming sessions for each class.

Ready to explore African music with your students?

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