Corporate Drumming Workshops For Team Building

Bantang Music offers drumming workshops led by Simon McCarthy, an engaging and experienced facilitator, and can be accompanied by a range of professional African musicians.

African drumming is a social activity. Your team will learn to play African djembe drums and work together to create powerful music.

It is a perfect brain break

Social and Fun Team Building Events

Our fun team building activities are highly energetic. They are great for ice breakers and group engagement. We provide a stimulating and dynamic experience to energise your function or team building day.

team building activities

Bantang Music’s facilitators are professional musicians

Improve Employee Engagement

African drumming is an ancient tradition, conjuring up tribal energy that is just as relevant to the contemporary workplace. Our team building days challenge groups to cooperate with each other.

Your team will be immersed in music that connects each group member to one another.

At the same time, individuals will enhance their own mental and physical agility, and also their memory.

team building activities

Corporate drumming workshop

How To Motivate Staff And Encourage Health And Wellbeing

The exertion involved in drumming raises endorphins and creates a physical release for workplace stress.

Bantang Music’s team building days are influenced by motivation theories that suggest self-esteem and self-respect are encouraged through the mastery of new skills. Our drumming sessions leave people with more joy and confidence in themselves, which has a positive impact on the whole team.

African instruments

Improve confidence through learning new skills

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